Pokemon I Choose You New Art Released

An appetising new visual for the upcoming Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You! was recently revealed by the artist Shinomiya Yoshitoshi.

Shinomiya has produced art for a good amount of popular works, including Shinkai Makoto’s The Garden of Words, your name and a host of other. The illustration, which features Ash and his sidekick Pikachu, shows them walking through a vast jungle that illustrates the scope of the journey before them!

Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You! premieres on July 15 on the 20th anniversary of the hugely popular Pokémon franchise with a retelling of the first season of the TV series.

The publication Sports Hochi will be releasing a limited edition Pokémon issue on July 14, the day before the premiere. It includes poster of the new visual and suplemental content, which will include interviews with some of the main cast, introductions to Marshadow,  Ho-oh, and a history of Pokémon! The issue will be in all color and sell for 350 yen at locations lucky enough to stock it.

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