Top 10 Racing Anime Series

It’s easy to understand the issue, you have watched every stage of Initial D 100 times and can quote it verbatim as the scenes run. However, there’s far more racing anime than just one highly iconic series. If you’re out of things to watch, the awesome Donut Media have put together a list of their top ten racing animes which includes some cool rare stuff.

Donut’s top ten includes series focused on realistic one thats used recorded real sounds for the cars as well as cyber and dystopian ones. What’s best is that it’s not all about street racing. There’s anime about F1, rally, and go-karting on their list!

There are a few very obvious popular ones in there, but they go a little deeper back in the catalog than just Speed Racer (Mach Go Go) or Wangan Midnight. Basically, if you need to spend a few weekends binge watching and like your anime automotive then hit up this list.